Consulting and Education

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Lean and Agile Transformation Leadership―I work with executive teams and line management to help understanding and adoption of modern lean and agile processes.

Agile Iteration Kickstart―(see separate brochure) This is similar to the following Craig’s Mentoring Package, but the Kickstart is a highly structured kickstart of iteration-1 (or later) for your project, starting with a requirements workshop, and followed by a series of recommended week-1 iteration activities, including an Agile Software Architecture Documenting session, an Agile Modeling Day, Scrum meetings, charting burn-down rates of the iteration and release, an iteration planning meeting, and more. The focus is helping development teams and a project manager hands-on master a suite of new agile and iterative skills, including planning adaptive timeboxed iterations, agile requirements analysis, and so forth, moving your project and team into structured timeboxed iterative development.

High-Impact Master Classes―(see Course for detailed list). I’ve had the good fortune to not only work in agile and iterative methods and OO development for close to 20 years, but to also coach and teach these subjects over that period, to literally thousands of students. These courses are world-class highly refined forums for learning quickly.

Craig’s Mentoring Package―(see separate brochure) If the focus is helping development teams really master a suite of new skills, including iterative and agile development, agile project management, design patterns, use cases, OOA/D, agile modeling with the UML, and so forth, I wholeheartedly recommend the mentoring package as the best solution. This combines an initial course with a follow-up of 5 days of intense coaching in the context of applying it to your project work, or just the mentoring week without the prior course.

Keynotes and Executive Seminars―(see separate brochure) I frequently speak with conference and executive management groups on how to skillfully apply iterative and agile methods, effectively model with the UML and do OOA/D.

Forensic consulting and expert witness―I serve as a forensic investigator and expert witness in legal disputes involving software projects. One lawyer described my expert witness report for his client as “the best I’ve ever seen.”

OO Design and Iterative Process Consulting―I help clients by suggesting OO designs and architectures, and by reviewing their existing systems. In addition, I analyze their current or intended processes, and suggest appropriate steps to adopt iterative and agile methods, such as an agile Unified Process.