Course Environment - LeSS

Contact Information

Craig Larman,

ORDER SOON! Whiteboard-Like Solutions

  • Because there are exercises involving "WHITEBOARD CLING-SHEETS", we need this supply -- and a VAST flat clear wall area per table.
  • Order ONE ROLL PER EACH TABLE OF 4 or 5 people. e.g., 4 tables = 4 rolls, each 40 feet. As explained in related link, your best choice is the WIZARD WALL 40-foot refill rolls, via Amazon.


  • Teams will be doing agile modeling at vast wall areas covered with "WHITEBOARD CLING-SHEETS", SO IT IS CRITICAL THAT each team needs lots of CLEAR FLAT wall space for this. To be clear: There must be lots of clear empty wall space, and we must be able to use the walls, and put things on the walls.


  • People will be organized into table-teams, averaging 5 people per team. The tables are ideally in separate islands, circular or square, with a team at each.

Table Layout

  • Round tables are ideal, but we can live with rectangular layouts
  • Tables should not be against the walls; we are using the walls as a working area in this course.
  • Distribute the tables throughout the room

BEER & WINE & Cheese (really) "afternoon cocktails"

  • each day, from perhaps 17:00 to 18:00, we will be doing a deep-dive structured Q&A session. this really goes better with some beer ;). not a bottle per person, but just a little to share after a long day of information and activities.
  • i suggest 1 bottle for each 2 people, per day. ideally Belgian (this is a LeSS guide) e.g., Duvel. or a local crafty beer, or Sam Adams
  • 1 bottle of decent red, 1 bottle of decent white
  • 1 cheese tray with crackers
  • ideally, an "air remover" thingy for the wine bottles, so can consume the open bottles over the 3 days
  • if there's no fridge we can use, if you can bring a cooler with some ice, great!

Physical Room Setup and Supplies for the Coach

Read this for both setup and supplies: Physical Setup and Supplies for the Coach

Computers, Software and Networking

  • no computers
  • Internet access for the coach; it is not needed for the students

Supplies for Each Table of Participants

Per Team-Table (e.g., of 5 people):

  • 5 sticky blank name labels, for people to put on, after they've written their name on it. often, these come in peel-off sheets, and that implies "1 sheet per table"
  • 2 packages of 3x5 inch Yellow-only Post-It notes
  • 5 BLACK "Sharpie" style small fine-tipped black marker pens
  • 5 BLACK WHITEBOARD marker pens