Deep-Dive Question and Answer Management Workshop - Lean/Agile Product Development


0.5 or 1 day

I've had the opportunity to work with many large-scale lean product development, LeSS adoptions, agile development, and Scrum adoptions over the years -- both on the product and enterprise level. So, in this deep-dive question and answer session, I will share specific answers and solutions to your detailed questions, based on what I have seen work (and not work).

This workshop will start with a quick session of brain writing, affinity clustering, and dot voting to create a prioritized question backlog.

Then, I take the questions in priority order and go through a detailed deep-dive answer and exploration with you. The answer to one question may take 90 minutes, or 1 minute. The specific questions usually lead to related issues of concern that we will explore.


This is best attended by management leadership and those involved in the operational transition to lean or agile product development.

Maximum Participants

30 (or 60 if the coach agrees)

Environment - Room, Tools