Environment - Minor TDD exercise

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Computers are used for ONLY 1 day of the multi-day workshop. Therefore, it is useful that we DO NOT have large permanent computers in the room (because we need lots of room for the group modeling exercises and so the computers would get in the way).

Rather, it is useful that laptops are brought in for this session, though if there is no alternative, we’ll live with them in the room fulltime.

We only need (and want) 1 computer for each 2 students; e.g., if 16 students, then 8 computers. Often, it is possible for students to bring their own laptop.

No network is required.


If Java group:

  • Latest release version of Java Runtime (JRE)

( Latest release version of Eclipse

If C++ group:

  • we will do the exercises in Java (see above) (to avoid burning hours on awkward/slow tool setup and use); Java is very similar to C++, and sufficient for the educational goals (of introducing the idea of TDD)

If .NET group:

  • Visual Studio in C#