Environment - TDD Software

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Participants need a Wifi connection to the Internet, which will be provided in the room.

Computers are used throughout the workshop. Each participant must provide their own (presumably) laptop. However, at most, we only need 1 computer for each 2 participants; e.g., if 16 participants, then 8 computers... so if you are coming with a colleague or partner then you can coordinate bringing less laptops.

There is also a chance that the majority of the course will be done in a "mob programming" style, using only 1 of the many laptops at a time as the "driver computer", but over time sharing the code across all the many laptops in the room as each different laptop becomes the "driver computer" over time.


If Java:

  • Latest release version of Java Runtime (JRE)
  • Latest release version of Eclipse

If C++ or C:

  • whatever tools the people normally use, plus the testing and mocking frameworks advised by the coach
  • we will also consider using Eclipse CDT, as advised by the coach

If C#:

  • Visual Studio in C#