Environment and Supplies - Org Design Workshop

Contact Information

Craig Larman, craig@craiglarman.com

Room and Tables

We need a probably BIG room. Context: People will be organized into "table team" groups, averaging 5 or 6 people per group. e.g., 4 tables if 20 people. The tables are ideally in separate islands, circular or square, with a group at each. And we need a big room because of the wall requirements...

Walls and Whiteboards

There are several WALL activities (such as causal loop modeling or miscellaneous visualizations) that involve HUGE clear wall space. Therefore:
>> for each "table team" we need a clear flat wall area (nothing on the walls) that are at least 3m wide by 2m high.

>> Because of the "cling sheets" that will be covering these walls as described below, these walls need to clear flat painted walls, not with wallpaper or cloth covering or irregular elements, etc.

ORDER SOON! Whiteboard-Like Solutions

  • Because there are exercises involving "WHITEBOARD CLING-SHEETS", we need this supply -- and a large flat clear wall area per table team.
  • For each "table team" order 1 roll "WHITEBOARD CLING-SHEETS". And 1 extra!

Supplies for Coach

Read/do this: Supplies - for Coach Use

Supplies for Each Table of Participants

3 packages of typical 3x5 inch Post-It notes

3 BLACK "Sharpie" style small fine-tipped black marker pens

3 BLACK WHITEBOARD marker pens

Computers, Software and Networking

  • Wifi Internet access for the coach; it is not needed for the participants