Lean & Agile Product Management and Championing


2 days

There’s a revolution sweeping the product management/championing world: lean product development and service, and lean and agile methods.

In this practical, information-and-tips-packed seminar you will learn the key ideas and practices of lean and agile product management, aimed at Product Managers/Champions.

Methods of Education

Discussion, presentation, Q&A, workshop exercises


Those involved in product management




  • Lean Thinking & Principles
  • Reducing Waste in Product Management
  • Iterative and Evolutionary Development
  • Definition of Done
  • Release Sprint
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Initial Product Backlog Creation
  • Sprint Review
  • Ideation for Innovation
  • Innovation Games and Game Storming
  • Results-driven versus Feature-driven
  • Results-driven Scrum
  • Impact Mapping for Results
  • Measurement Points in Impact Mapping
  • Story Mapping
  • Product Backlog Prioritization with Relative Points
  • Product Backlog Prioritization with Attribute Classes
  • Estimation, Release Planning and Scheduling
  • Estimating with Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Stories and the 3Cs
  • Specification by Example
  • Business Benefits
  • Changes for the Product Owner
  • Kano Model
  • Fixed-Price, Fixed Time, Fixed Scope: Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
  • Product Backlog grooming or refinement
  • Tracking Progress in Scrum
  • Further education resources for Product Managers

Maximum Participants


Environment - Room, Tools, Texts

Read this: Course Environment - Workshop Style1

Text and Notes

  • There is a course PDF for the presentations. We may decide to give the students a file copy to view on a laptop or a paper copy, depending on situation.