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Here we go:

Cheers, Paul.

Short list of "must read" books

From Concept to Cash: Implementing Lean Software Development - Poppendieck Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum - Craig Larman, Bas Vodde Agile & Iterative Development - Craig Larman Agile Estimating and Planning - Mike Cohn Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations - Robert D. Austin Agile Project Management with Scrum or Enterprise Scrum - Ken Schwaber Basic Agile Software Development books:

Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum - Larman, Vodde (ISBN 0321480961) Explains the underlying background for Lean and Agile Product Development. Contains Component vs. Feature Teams and Scaling Scrum. Very recommended reading! Agile Software Development - Cockburn (ISBN 0201699699) Great book! Really explains "what it's about". Agile Project Management - Highsmith Focus on somewhat higher level view. Borrows very much from the ASD method though. Lean Software Development - Poppendieck (ISBN 0321150783) Arguably a method books. However the concepts of lean are visible across all the Agile methods. See also http://www.poppendieck.com/. From Concept to Cash: Implementing Lean Software Development - Poppendieck (ISBN: 0321437381) Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns and Practices - Martin (ISBN: 0135974445) Very concrete book on the technical aspects of actual development. This is actually just a great software design book and not directly related to Agile development. Extreme Programming - Kent Beck Also arguable a method book. XP However has influenced all methods so much that this XP book can be considered a basic agile development book. Agile & Iterative Development - Craig Larman (ISBN: 0131111558) Great overview of the principles of iterative development The Pragmatic Programmer - From Journeyman to Master - Hunt, Thomas The book with an attitude towards programming! Could be mandatory reading for each programmer. Working Effectively with Legacy Code Maybe not a "basic agile book" but essential in NSN environment. Legacy code is defined as "any code without automated tests". Michael explains how to get legacy code under test and how to use practices like TestDrivenDevelopment with legacy code. Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective - Tate Principles and some common practices of rational software product development, including some business reasoning. Practices of an Agile Developer - Hunt, Subramaniam (ISBN: 097451408X) A great book from The Pragmatic Programmers, which covers personal habits, ideas and approaches of successful agile software developers See also http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/pad/index.html Agile Estimating and Planning - Mike Cohn (ISBN: 0131479415) THE book on agile estimating and planning User Stories Applied: For Agile SW Develioment - Mike Cohn THE book on user stories Classical books (which are often seen as basis of Agile)

Debugging the Development Process - Maguire Great book from a team lead in Microsoft about how to keep teams producing great software Rapid Development - McConnell Catalog of best practices (in particular schedule-oriented). What kind of rapid development do you need? Peopleware - DeMarco The human aspect of SW Development. 'jelled' teams Dynamics of Software Development - McCarthy Tips from the program manager of Visual C++ on how to keep teams focussed. Mythical Man Month - Brooks The classic on software engineering. Note that there are some second thoughts in the Anniversery Edition! The Phychology of Computer Programming - Weinberg Real classic about computer programming and computer programmers. Death March � The Complete Software Developer�s Guide to Surviving �Mission Impossible� Projects - Yourdon Real classic about "agile" project management. Principles of Software Engineering Management - Gilb This is a seminal book, first published in 1988. Describes the principles of the Evo method, which is one of the early forerunners of current agile methods. Other general Agile books worth reading

Agile Software Development Ecosystems - Highsmith Gives much background on the persons and method involved and gives some of the conceptual background. Balancing Agility and Discipline - Boehm & Turner This is an often-cited general overview and comparison of many agile methods and their home grounds (vs. "plan-driven"). Agile Software Development In the Large - Jutta Eckstein The title sounds bold, but the contents is really rather slim. See also http://www.jeckstein.com/. Software Craftsmanship - McBreen Great ideas and cases against traditional software engineering. Managing Agile Projects - Augustine Principles of agile software project management, with some pragmatic flavor. Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development - Coplien & Harrison These general principles are universally applicable, and many of them are embedded in agile software development methods in some form. Requirements by Collaboration: Workshops for Defining Needs - Ellen Gottesdiener A great book for facilitating any kind of planning in workshops. Both techniques and human behavior. Method books

ScruM Agile Software Development with ScruM (ISBN: 0130676349) Agile Project Management with ScruM (ISBN: 073561993X) eXtremeProgramming: Extreme Programming Installed - Jeffries etc. Planning Extreme Programming - Beck Adaptive Software Development Adaptive Software Development - Highsmith DSDM DSDM - Stapleton Feature Driven Development A Practical guide to FDD - Palmer Crystal Clear Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams - Cockburn Practices books

ReFactoring: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code - Fowler Book on refactoring Refactoring to Patterns - Joshua Kerievsky practical approach to refactoring 'to and from' patterns TestDrivenDevelopment: Test driven development by example - Beck Basic book on TestDrivenDevelopment Test Driven Development: A Pratical Guide - Astels 500 pages on TestDrivenDevelopment. Much info on tools Test Driven - Lasse Koskela See TddInAction? - LasseKoskela? A great book explaining both unit TestDrivenDevelopment and AcceptanceTestDrivenDevelopment RetroSpectives: Project Retrospectives - Norm Kerth Classic book on project retrospectives Agile Retrospectives Making Good Teams Great - Esther Derby and Diana Larsen Excellent book containing practical techniques for facilitators. SCM / Building

Software Configuration Management Patterns - Berczuk, Appleton Patterns for efficient configuration management Pragmatic Project Automation (for Java) Excellent book on automating builds, installations, deployments and LavaLamps! Lean thinking

Lean Product and Process Development - Allen C. Ward Distills what might be termed "cornerstones" from the practices of lean product developers, most notably Toyota and its partners, which differ remarkably from conventional practice The Elegant Solution: Toyota's Formula for Mastering Innovation (Hardcover) - Matthew E. May (Author) Book introducing Toyota Way to Innovation The Machine that changed the world - Womack Book introduce the word "Lean" to the world. Comparison of companies in the car industry Lean Thinking - Womack Summary of the lean thinking concepts. Toyota Production System - Taiichi Ohno Pre-lean book on TPS and JIT, from the inventor The Goal - Goldratt Introduction to theory of constraints Suggests focusing on the big goal of the business, instead of small local optimizations. Teams, communication

Christopher M. Avery: Teamwork Is An Individual Skill J. Richard Hackman: Leading Teams. Setting the Stage for Great Performances Collaboration and Facilitation Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders - Jean Tabaka Explains very practically different collaboration techniques, and what to do for distributed, virtual teams for collaboration. James Surowiecki: The wisdoms of crowds